Nature walks Programs
One day Nature walks
Unique walking suitable for nature lovers. Fit, Unfit and Elderly person.

Start early morning.
What you learn and gain from hiking. See nature in details. I take you down on a local trail through farm land and paddy field, man- made irrigation system, forests, creek and river. I spot well camouflage animals, insects birds, flying frogs, flying lizards, flying snake, sweat bees colony, pray mantis, stick insect, bush crickets and grass hoppers, butterflies, beetles, water scorpions. BIRDS: In the area you would see, Bulbuls, Leaf Birds, Purple Sunbird, Flowerpeckers, Magpie-robin, White-rumped Shama, Asian Paradise-flycatcher, Indian Roller, Woodpeckers, Minivets, Wagtails, Greater Coucal, Green-billed Molkoha, Birds of prey like owls, falcons, hawks, etc.
EDIBLE AND POISONOUS PLANTS: Herbs. such as forest ferns, Riverside ferns,wild ginger, wild turmeric, potato yams, Arum, Water Plants, , Bamboo Shoots, Mushroom and Fungi etc.
TREES, Teak, Rose wood, Red Sandalwood, Giant Kapok, Giant Lianas, Dipterocarpuses, Wild Mango, Oaks, Chestnuts, Figs and Ficus, Bamboo, Ebony, Mahogany, Black vanish tree, Iron wood, Terminalia, Dillennia, Wild Roses Apple, etc. Picnic Lunch, In forest you have rice with chicken, or fried noodle, delicious local dessert, rice cake, stream sticky rice with coconut cream, Seasonal tropical fruits, mango, pineapple, banana, mangosteen, passion fruit etc.

Two days Nature walks

ITINERARY. DAY 01: In the morning we come to pick you up at your hotel. Car takes us out of human civilization into the glories of Forests and Mountains area, up hill along curve dirt road very steep in places. We stop at viewpoint you wonder about how beautiful landscape in this area, you stand on mountains slope, you see below in valley the morning fog is slowly rising up, breath fresh mountains air. Car delivers us from a short drive about 20 km. from town. Here we start our walking, we depends on foot climb up steep slope about 1 hour to the ridge. You found that not easy to push yourself plus your backpack up hill. Time to be patience and learn about us. You grain and learn about nature in detail. We are hiking on high land evergreen forest. Mountains trees in the area you pass through. Such as: Oaks, Chestnuts, Shorea, Dillenia, Hopea, Dipterocarps, Black Vanish, Pines, White Heather, Figs, phyllanthus emblica, Etc.
Up on trees and cliff you see epiphyte plants, like Wild Orchids, Bird Nest Ferns, Stage Horn Ferns, Dischidea, Club Mosses and Lichens. Forest floor plants, Ferns, Arum, Amorphophallus, Begonia, Gentians, Gingers, Etc.
Late afternoon arrive at village Ban Hua Nam, place where we stay overnight, home stay with Karen family. You can relax, go to wash, and walks around, and learn about local culture. My porters and I are preparing delicious Thai meal for you. The menu would be. Thai spicy soup such as, Tom Yam, Red curry, Green Curry, chicken in coconut cream soup. Sweat and sour fish, Fried chicken with ginger, Grilled egg plant salad, etc. Dessert, coffee and tea.
Enjoy dinner in candlelight.
DAY 02: Morning local life start very early here. Rooster call at 4 am in the morning. People woke up to pound rice, cook and get to work in their fields. Under the house there are pigs and chicken are running around. After you got your good breakfast. We are starting our second day hike. This day we hike down hill. Passing through farmland, terrace paddy fields. Local trail led you down to evergreen ravine forest, at the bottom we hike along creek, you walk through water, and there will be many rivers cross. You need a pair of good hiking sandals. Experience walking through water you will find it fun. See waterfalls, gorges, Cliffs. Along creek you wonder about, giant Bamboo. Teak Wood Tree. Rose Wood Tree. Dipterocarp tree. Giant lianas. Figs. Rose Apple Tree. Rambai tree. Bread fruit Tree. Wild banana. Riverside plant arums, ferns, forrestea. Mushroom and Fungi. Afternoon we got out of creek arrive at terrace rice field in low land valley, see man made irrigation dam and it canals system. You will be finished the treks and a car take you back Mae hong son. We offer special services. My porters and I would love to take good care of you. You don't have to carry much in your backpack. My porters will carry all foods and other stuff. I will bring with me a pair of binoculars to see the views and spot the birds, also a magnify glass to see the details of small plants and creatures, There are many birds, butterflies, insects and beetles that I knew and will inform you about their nature and history. I hope that this is the best way to see the country. This is Conservative and Eco walks. We are trying not to harm animals and plants. We do not kill snake and hunt for an endanger animals. You can help me to safe some wild orchids and it easy way to do. I show you how, when we see some orchid that fell off from the tree. We can replace them back on tree truck or any suitable place on tree's branch or on rock. This is an epiphyte orchid can grow only on tree and rock. They would be dies when fell of tree. You can grow your own orchid. I helped many orchids per trek. I had safe many orchids along the trails I been. Some time I saw my flower and it made me very happy. I think this is one of the best ways to help nature and that you gain happiness and also gain merit.

Three days Nature walks

Four days Nature walks

Five days Nature walks

Six days Nature walks (From Mae hong son to Pai)

One day Nature walks and town tour

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